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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Artist breaks out his first and largest solo exhibition at Dallas Contemporary

He was the live music curator at last Friday's MTV REDEFINE art gala and auction. Tomorrow, he will open his exhibition, Negation of the Universe, less than two miles from Museum Tower at Dallas Contemporary.

Pop artist Richard Phillips is known for his hyper-real paintings of familiar celebrity faces like Lindsay Lohan and is a seasoned exhibitor of his works in both the United States and Europe. However, this will be Phillips' very first-ever solo show in the States. It's also the artist's largest exhibition with 50 paintings, three films and two sculptures.

Playboy Marfa - Texas Monthly
Works showcased in Negation of the Universe methodically represent the milestones along Phillips' 20-year-and-counting career. One, of course, will be the controversial Playboy Marfa, a 40-foot sculpture Phillips erected in the west Texas city of Marfa for a very brief period of time.

Julian Schnabel - The Guardian

Phillips' exhibition opening will be alongside Julian Schnabel's new show titled, An Artist Has A Past (Puffy Clouds and Strong Cocktails): 15 Paintings Over the Last Decade. On Saturday, April 12, both Phillips and Schnabel will speak Dallas Contemporary's Chit Chat event.

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