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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The City is Booming, So You Should Be Moving

Booming with business ventures, the dynamic city of Dallas provides BIG opportunities for those in the know. The rest of the country is just now catching on to what we know to be true.

A strong industrial and financial center, Dallas continues to be an attractive city for bright-eyed business minds and CEOs. In fact, Dallas is ranked #11 in Job Growth and #15 on the Forbes List of Best Places for Business and Careers.

This month, the Texas Association of Realtors reported that Texas ranked second in the nation for relocation moves, second only to Florida. Almost 540,000 people moved to Texas last year, and about a quarter of them chose D/FW as home.

"Texas is not only a global leader in oil and gas production, but a national hub for technology, manufacturing and several other industries, " said Scott Kesner, chairman of the Texas Association of Realtors. "The Lone Star state continues to be a great place to live as well as start a business, and the more than half a million people who move here every year are proof of that." 

With throngs of people are moving into the city, condos in Dallas are increasingly becoming more sought after. Museum Tower offers a luxurious lifestyle and exclusivity in a booming downtown area of culture, arts and business. Opportunities abound for investments in this business capital, so why not invest in a home in the heart of it all?