A celebration of life in the heart of Dallas

Monday, November 16, 2015


When you opt to go vertical, location remains a paramount concern. You might be leaving your neighborhood behind — or below, as the case may be — but you can still recreate a neighborhood experience, choosing just the right spot and in doing so, creating a new point of view.

Things to consider when selecting your luxury home include:  lighting, views, selecting a corner or center condo — and, of course, which floor you should choose.

“We have found that clients and residents really enjoy the adventure of discovering their perfect view,” said Ilene Christ of Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty. “Just like choosing the perfect lot in a neighborhood, homeowners want to enjoy what they see when they look out the window or step out onto the balcony.”

From dewy mornings to dreamy, glowing sunsets, floor-to-ceiling windows give you breathtaking views no matter the time of day. Each morning, you lock up and leave, glancing at the skyline for a burst of inspiration as the city begins its day. As the workday winds down and office lights shimmer, the night lights up with lone star colors. Dazzling views of the night sky grace your home daily.

It’s all about perspective: East or West? Your choice depends on whether you are a morning or evening person. High-rise living at Museum Tower is completely customizable. Only you can pick the sky view that sings to your senses.

From any angle, Museum Tower’s spectacular views showcase vibrant, sophisticated living.