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Friday, June 14, 2013

Forbes Top Cities For Jobs

No. 6: Dallas, TX
Photo credit: Forbes.com
The Texas juggernaut rolls on.

Job growth in the Lone Star State has been not only steady but widespread. Remarkably, four of Texas' major metros feature in the top ten on our annual rankings of the best cities for jobs: Fort Worth (No. 4), Houston (No. 5), Dallas (No. 6) and Austin (No. 10).

All have more jobs than they did a decade ago- often a lot more. Since 2001, employment in Houston has expanded 20%; in Fort Worth it's up 16%; in Dallas, 11%; and in Austin, a blistering 26.5%.

The oil and gas boom has been a big factor, particularly in Houston, but growth has also been strong in tech, manufacturing and business services. Our rankings are based on short-, medium-, and long-term employment performance and take into account both growth and momentum.

Consequently, areas that have made strong recoveries from deep setbacks tend to rank highly. Nowhere is this clearer than in the case of San Francisco. Over the last year employment in San Fran expanded 4.1%, but the damage from the first dot-com bubble was so deep that the city has only 0.6% more jobs than it did in 2001.

Top 10 Cities:

1) San Francisco
2) Nashville
3) Salt Lake City
4) Fort Worth
5) Houston
6) Dallas
7) San Jose
8) Charlotte
9) Denver
10) Austin

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Article credit: Joel Kotkin and Mike Shires