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Friday, July 12, 2013

Turning Ideas into Reality at Museum Tower

Photo credit: Update the Metroplex
Tanya Mendenhall joins the Museum Tower team as
Director of Resident Relations
Imagine living in a neighborhood specifically designed to provide whatever intrigues you. At Museum Tower, Director of Resident Relations Tanya Mendenhall and the talented concierge staff are entirely focused on bringing your lifestyle vision into reality.

Considering a getaway to the California Wine Country? Mendenhall can arrange private tours of select vineyards and help secure reservations at the best
tables in town. Or maybe you would like help putting on an event to raise money for your selected charity. Mendenhall can create an elegant cocktail gathering that might include special guest speakers and a curated art showing onsite in the beautiful Owner's Lounge. Or perhaps an owner simply wants a fully stocked pantry when he returns from a month-long trip to Asia. The concierge staff will arrange for favorite food and drink to welcome home a weary traveler.

"It's the most wonderful job in the world, because I get to facilitate the spectacular," says Mendenhall, who recently joined the Museum Tower team after spending 25 years in Dallas' vibrant nonprofit community. "Our residents are exceptional. They are engaged with life - traveling the world and seeing the extraordinary. At Museum Tower, we continue those experiences by helping our residents pursue their passions, at home or wherever they travel."

In a world full of possibility, beauty and adventure, the role of Museum Tower's Director of Resident Relations is limited only by the imagination. Each event will be planned to embrace the specific requests and interests of Museum Tower owners.

"We don't know of another luxury high rise community that provides this level of service," says Steve Sandborg, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Museum Tower. "It's another example of how Museum Tower reaches beyond the expected to the exceptional."

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Article credit: Update The Metroplex

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