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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Taking Service Into Overdrive

Museum Tower's concierge, valet and private car
are services that make your life easier.
Museum Tower offers a wide range of services to suit your unique interests and needs. Along with the day-to-day services, we offer some more exclusive advantages like our custom car care.

Every Friday, or upon request, we offer onsite car detailing. You can even arrange to have your car picked up and serviced.

Yet while you may love your car, there are times when you would prefer to not drive. That’s when you call for the house car service. Our Lincoln Navigator can take you wherever you like morning, noon or night. Whether you’re grabbing dinner at a local restaurant or taking a trip to the symphony, you won’t have to deal with driving or parking.

These extended car services are just a few of the benefits our homeowners enjoy. To learn about the full range of services we offer, contact a sales representative and schedule a private tour.