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Monday, September 22, 2014

Elevated Entertaining in Uptown's Museum Tower

Museum Tower residents recently hosted an event for more than 100 guests on the building’s spectacular 38th floor.
When Lori McWilliams moved from Highland Park to her spectacular home at Museum Tower, she didn't curtail her busy entertaining schedule one bit. 
In fact, choosing a home in the center of Dallas’ arts and entertainment community inspired even greater opportunities to open her home to events both large and small.
“First of all, it’s an incredible location and a place that everyone is interested in seeing,” says McWilliams, who along with husband, Robb, has lived at Museum Tower for almost a year. “Many, many times we’ve gotten phone calls from friends who were headed Downtown asking if they could come over for a drink before the theater or dinner. We’re always happy to have people stop by, and they’re always mesmerized by the views of the city that we get to enjoy every night from our balcony.”
Just this summer, McWilliams was pleased to host an even larger group when more than 100 of her fellow University of Oklahoma alumni, and several current students interning in Dallas, gathered on the 38th floor for a fantastic networking event featuring a presentation by Daniel Pullin, dean of the Michael F. Price College of Business at the University of Oklahoma. “The event was fantastic, and it was incredibly easy to pull together with the help of Tanya Mendenhall. She arranged everything—from food to valet to making sure the space looked beautiful—and all I had to do was make the decisions.”
Mendenhall serves as Museum Tower’s Director of Resident Relations, a unique role that allows her to assist homeowners with any aspect of curating an exceptional life at the luxury high rise. She also assisted McWilliams and her husband with a party for 25 in the couple’s home, managing everything from caterers to flowers.
“Being at Museum Tower allows us to entertain in a completely stress-free way that is such a treat for us and for our guests,” says McWilliams. “It’s like we’ve outsourced all the day-to-day worries so we spend our time enjoying our life here.”
Located at 1918 Olive Street, Museum Tower invites you to experience the extraordinary. 

This story was originally published by UpdateDallas.